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A Lucky Day

Ben was a young man who had a lot of bad luck. He always lost his keys, he missed the bus, and he spilled coffee on his shirt. But one day, Ben had a very lucky day.

Ben woke up early and got ready for work. He ate a delicious breakfast and found his keys right away. He got to the bus stop just in time and found a seat. He even got to work early.

At work, Ben was very productive. He finished all of his tasks and even helped out his coworkers. His boss was very pleased with him and gave him a raise.

After work, Ben went to the park to relax. He sat on a bench and enjoyed the sunshine. A squirrel came up to him and dropped a nut at his feet. Ben laughed and picked up the nut. He cracked it open and ate the kernel.

As Ben was walking home, he saw a lottery ticket on the ground. He picked it up and checked the numbers. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had won the lottery!

Ben was so happy. He couldn't believe that he had finally had a lucky day. He went home and told his family and friends the good news. They were all very happy for him.

Ben used the lottery money to buy a new house and a new car. He also helped out his family and friends. Ben was grateful for his lucky day and he never forgot it.


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