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A Rocky Marriage

A Rocky Marriage

Karen and Tyler tied the knot 3 years ago. They had been having problems before the pandemic, but they figured they could get through them together because they had 3 children together and they still loved each other, though it appeared to be fading. Despite their problems, Karen and Tyler were determined to make the best of things and use this period of difficulty as an opportunity to grow closer together

Unfortunately, the pandemic magnified their issues. With Tyler working from home and Karen on furlough, they found themselves spending nearly 24 hours a day in their cramped apartment together. The arguments started to get worse and worse.

No matter how hard they tried, it seemed as if they were caught in a cycle of arguing and discontent, sometimes over petty things like who should wash the dishes, to who needed to cook on a certain night, to who got the kids ready for school. It even appeared to affect the children negatively, leading to them being down in the dumps and an overall feeling of unease in the home.

They had no time apart and could not escape each other’s company, meaning they had no room to breathe, regroup, or discuss problems in a healthy manner, so the only solution seemed to be to separate. No longer able to handle their own feelings, let alone the emotions of their family, Tyler and Karen decided that they had to make a difficult decision and part ways because the marriage was not panning out.


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