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Achraf Hakimi Fineness His Wife

Soccer Player Achraf Hakimi and actress Hiba Abouk have recently confirmed their separation, and the latest reports suggest that Abouk won't receive any of Hakimi's fortune and assets as everything is registered under his mother's name.

According to the Spanish news outlet Marca, Abouk was asking for half of Hakimi's property and wealth, but she was shocked to find out that he has nothing in his name. The same source revealed that Hakimi's mother has been receiving his wages for some time and is the beneficiary of his income and wealth.

Hakimi and Abouk's separation was rumored for several months before Abouk announced it on Instagram last month. She stated that they had decided to end their relationship long before the recent media events that involved her, which were totally external.

Following the rumors of their split, Hakimi was accused of rape by a 24-year-old woman. French prosecutors announced that they would investigate the charges against him on March 3, after the alleged incident occurred in his Paris home while his wife and two sons were on vacation.

Hakimi's mother, Saida Mouh, defended her son against the allegations, saying that he was innocent because he had been raised well.

Hakimi is a Moroccan international and PSG right-back who is one of the most expensive players in Africa. In 2022, the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) included him on its list of the 100 most valuable players in terms of his estimated transfer worth. According to data published by the football-focused news website GiveMeSport, the PSG right-back is the sixth highest-paid African footballer, earning more than $215,000 per week.

  • Fortune: a large amount of money or property owned by someone

  • Beneficiary: a person or group who receives benefits, profits, or advantages

  • Transfer value: the estimated worth of a player if they were to be transferred to another team

  • Estimated: roughly calculated or approximate

  • Valuable: having a high worth or price


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