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Algeria expands English-language learning

Algeria is making it a priority to teach English in its schools, reflecting a broader trend of using English as the main language for business and science.

The country's education ministry has said that starting from the third grade, students in elementary schools will have to learn English, which is a significant change. Before, English was only taught in middle and high schools.

The ministry is also working on new training programs for teachers to make sure they can teach English effectively.

Algeria's effort to expand English learning is part of a bigger plan to update its education system and get its citizens ready for the global job market. English is the most commonly used language worldwide, and it's crucial for communication in areas like business, science, and technology.

This decision to enhance English teaching in Algeria also shows that the country is building stronger connections with the United States and other English-speaking nations. In recent years, Algeria has made agreements with the US for cooperation in education, trade, and security.

The expansion of English education in Algeria is a positive step for the country's future. It will equip Algerian students with the skills they need to succeed globally and communicate with people from around the world.


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