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Dealing with a Whistleblower or Ethical Concern within the Organization

Sarah was a compliance officer at a large tech company. She was responsible for investigating and resolving whistleblower complaints and ethical concerns. One day, Sarah received an anonymous complaint from an employee who alleged that their manager was falsifying data.

Sarah was concerned about the allegation, so she began to investigate. She interviewed the employee who filed the complaint, as well as other employees who had knowledge of the situation. Sarah also reviewed the company's data records.

After a thorough investigation, Sarah concluded that the employee's complaint was credible. She confronted the manager with her findings, and the manager admitted to falsifying data.

Sarah reported the manager's misconduct to the company's CEO, and the manager was fired.

Sarah's actions helped to protect the company from reputational damage and potential legal liability. She also helped to create a more ethical and transparent workplace.


Scenario 1:

You are a manager at a retail company. You have overheard two of your employees talking about a scheme they are planning to steal money from the company.

What should you do?

Scenario 2:

You are a sales representative at a pharmaceutical company. You have been instructed by your manager to falsify data about the efficacy of one of the company's drugs.

What should you do?


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