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More than Half of People in Switzerland Admit to Petty Theft: Survey Finds

Did you know that more than half of people in Switzerland have admitted to stealing or using services without paying? A recent survey conducted by, a money information company, showed that even though it was called a survey of "petty theft," it included some quite serious offenses, such as stealing from shops, libraries, hotels, and even banks. The survey, which polled 1,500 Swiss citizens, did not disclose what people had stolen, but it did reveal some interesting findings.

The most common crime was traveling on public transport without paying, with 39% of respondents admitting to having done it at least once. Younger adults between the ages of 18-25 were more likely to commit this offense, with 50% confessing to it. Surprisingly, 27% of people admitted to stealing from their workplace, while 23% said they had taken something from a hotel. And 16% of respondents confessed to not scanning an item when using a self-checkout in a supermarket.

Interestingly, the survey showed that men were more likely than women to steal, and it was not only people with less money who committed these offenses. "It is neither the poorest nor the richest" who do the most stealing, according to Benjamin Manz from Only around 40% of people claimed they had never stolen anything, with the majority of those being between the ages of 50-74.

Although the survey does not provide a full picture of the situation, it is a cause for concern. With people across the world worrying about money, stealing has increased, and some shops have reported that people have been stealing daily essentials rather than expensive products. It is essential to remember that stealing is wrong and can have serious consequences, and we should always try to do the right thing.


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