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No Pineapples?

Juice was an American from Miami who was excited to go to Italy for the first time. His parents had told him many stories about Naples and its people, and now he was finally going to get to see it for himself.

As soon as Juice got off the plane, he felt excited and ready for what was next. He was greeted by bright sunshine and voices speaking Italian all around him. He moved quickly to the center of the city, eager to see how people lived. As he was approaching a nearby pizzeria, he asked the server if he could have a pizza pie. The server nodded and began to take his order, talking to Juice all the while in a cheerful manner. "A glass of water and an espresso" soon followed, and the server asked Juice if he would like anything else. "A pizza with pineapples, please."

"Huh?" the server responded in surprise, a puzzled look on her face. "Ananas!?! ".Juice was shocked as to why she was so offended. She went to the back of the house to grab the pizza shop owner. The pizza shop owner goes to the table where Juice is seated.

The shop owner, a middle-aged man with a thick Italian accent, raised an eyebrow at this request. "What do you mean, pineapple?" "You want to put fruit on your pizza?" He asked incredulously.

Juice nodded. "Yes, I do." "It's common in the United States," he replied. The shop owner was outraged. "No, no, no! This isn't the United States; this is Italy. We don't put pineapple on pizza. "It's an abomination!" He was so offended that he declared that anyone who put pineapple on pizza was an enemy of the state.

The police were called, and Juice was taken away for questioning. After questioning, the police determined that Juice had committed a huge crime, and he was arrested. Juice was put on trial for his crime, and the judge was not impressed with his behavior.

The judge scolded Juice for his controversial pizza topping decision. Juice had been caught in the act of ordering a pineapple pizza, and the judge was not having it. "Juice, I cannot believe you would think it’s okay to top a pizza with pineapple. "It's simply outrageous." The judge shook his head. Juice hung his head in shame. He had no idea that pineapple on pizza was such a big no-no. "I’m sorry, your honor," he said quietly. The judge went on to explain why pineapple does not belong on a pizza.

Pineapple is a fruit, and it is too sweet and tart to mix with the savory flavors of tomato sauce, cheese, and other pizza toppings." The judge continued to explain that although pineapple may taste good on its own, it does not work with the rest of the pizza ingredients.

The judge let Juice off with a stern warning, but not before warning him that if he engaged in such behavior again, there would be consequences. Juice was humiliated, and he vowed never to try to combine pineapple and pizza ever again.

Scolded : to Rebuke at someone angrily

Puzzled: unable to understand

Outraged: an extremely strong reaction of anger or shock


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