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Remy The Racoon

Once upon a time, there was a curious raccoon named Remy who loved to explore the forest. One day, while Remy was wandering around, he stumbled upon a big patch of mushrooms.

Remy had heard that some mushrooms were dangerous, so he decided to ask his friend, a wise old owl named Oliver, if these mushrooms were safe to eat. Oliver told Remy that these mushrooms were indeed poisonous and that he should stay away from them.

Remy was grateful for Oliver's advice and decided to explore another part of the forest. As he was walking, he heard a loud noise coming from a nearby stream. When he got closer, he saw that a group of fish were jumping out of the water and splashing around.

Remy was fascinated by the fish and decided to watch them for a while. But as he was watching, he accidentally stepped on a slippery rock and fell into the stream! The current was very strong, and Remy was swept away downstream.

Remy tried to swim to the shore, but he was getting tired. Just as he thought he was going to be carried away forever, he saw a log floating in the water. He managed to grab onto the log and climbed on top of it, feeling relieved.

After a while, Remy saw a family of otters swimming towards him. They asked Remy if he was okay and if he needed help. Remy was grateful for their kindness and asked them to help him get back to the shore.

The otters swam around the log and pushed it towards the shore. Remy was finally safe, and he thanked the otters for their help. From then on, Remy made sure to be more careful around the stream and to avoid stepping on slippery rocks. And whenever he saw the otters, he would always say hello and thank them again for their help.


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