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The Best Cities for Public Transport

According to a recent survey by Time Out, Berlin, the capital of Germany, has been ranked as having the best public transport system in the world. More than 20,000 people living in over 50 cities worldwide were asked about the ease of using public transport in their respective cities. They were also asked about their opinions on factors such as safety, comfort, and the attractiveness of public transport stations. Time Out created a list of the top cities with the best public transport based on the responses.

Out of the over 50 cities surveyed, only 19 cities were good enough to make the final list. To be included, at least 80% of the residents had to agree that it was easy to get around using public transport. Interestingly, the top 10 cities were all in Asia and Europe.

Berlin was ranked first with 97% of residents giving positive feedback about the public transport system. Prague, in the Czech Republic, came in a close second with 96%. In third place was Tokyo, which is known worldwide for its efficient and punctual public transport system, and 94% of residents had good things to say about it.

Further down the list, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, ranked fifth, and its residents praised the beautiful subway stations in the city.


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