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The Halloween Party

It was Halloween night, and the town was full of ghosts, goblins, and witches. Little Timmy was excited because he was going to a Halloween party at his friend Billy's house.

Timmy dressed up as a pirate, and his sister Sarah dressed up as a witch. They walked to Billy's house together, and when they arrived, they saw that the house was decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, and cobwebs.

There were many other children at the party, and they were all dressed up in different costumes. There were princesses, superheroes, and even a few monsters.

The children played games, ate candy, and danced. Timmy had a lot of fun, and he even won a prize for the best costume.

At the end of the party, Billy's mother gave all of the children a bag of candy. Timmy and Sarah thanked her and walked home.

When they got home, Timmy and Sarah dumped their candy out on the floor and started to sort it. Timmy had his favorite candy, chocolate bars, and Sarah had her favorite candy, lollipops.

They sat on the floor and ate their candy, and they talked about all of the fun they had had at the party.

It was a great Halloween night, and Timmy and Sarah couldn't wait for next year's party.


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