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Too Much Stuff

Sarah had a lot of stuff. She had so much stuff that her room was always messy. She had stuffed animals, books, toys, and clothes everywhere. Sarah's mom had told her to clean her room many times, but Sarah never seemed to be able to finish.

One day, Sarah's friend Emily came over to play. When Emily saw Sarah's room, she was shocked. "Wow, Sarah," she said, "you have a lot of stuff!"

"I know," Sarah said. "I'm trying to clean it up, but it's so hard."

"I can help you," Emily said.

So Sarah and Emily started to clean up Sarah's room. They put the stuffed animals in a basket, the books on a shelf, and the toys in a box. They folded the clothes and put them in Sarah's drawers.

It took a long time, but Sarah and Emily finally finished cleaning up the room. Sarah was so happy! She could actually see the floor now!

"Thanks for helping me, Emily," Sarah said. "I couldn't have done it without you."

"You're welcome," Emily said. "I'm glad I could help."

Sarah's mom came into the room to see how they were doing. She was amazed! Sarah's room was finally clean!

"I'm so proud of you, Sarah," her mom said. "You did a great job."

Sarah was so happy. She had learned that it's okay to have stuff, but it's important to keep it organized.


Why did Sarah's room have so much stuff?

How did Emily help Sarah clean up her room?

What was Sarah's mom's reaction when she saw Sarah's clean room?

What lesson did Sarah learn?

What are some ways to keep your room organized?

What are some things you can do with stuff you don't use anymore?

Why is it important to not have too much stuff?

What are some benefits of having a clean and organized room?


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