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With These Phrases, Don't "Lose Sleep" Over Work

Even if you love your job, you probably get stressed out sometimes. Maybe you've had to finish a massive project without a lot of time, or had a task that was too difficult to do alone. Here's some vocabulary to help you talk about your work stress!

We all know that stress can make you think about a problem so much that you can't sleep at night. So if you're very worried about something — like an important interview or meeting — you might say you are "losing sleep over it."

The phrase, "Don't lose sleep over it" is also a common way to say, "Don't worry about it."

When you have a problem at work and just don't know what to do, you could say you are "at a loss." And when not being able to find a solution starts to make you really annoyed, it might make you feel like you want to "tear your hair out."

If a problem continues for too long, you could find yourself at a "breaking point." This is when you no longer feel like you have control over a situation or how you feel — and you are going to "break down" because of the stress. When that happens, it's really important to ask for help!

You should care about your work, of course, but it's not a good idea to "run yourself into the ground." That means to make yourself really tired by doing too much work. When you're tired, mistakes happen more often, giving you even more problems to lose sleep over!


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