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Average Person Has 2,800 Photos on Their Phone

It might be difficult to remember a time when smartphones weren't a part of our lives — when we had to use paper maps for directions, phone booths if we needed to call someone, and film cameras if we wanted to take a photo of something.

Of course, people still use cameras, but these days most of us just take photos with our phones.

In fact, the average person has nearly 2,800 photos saved on their phone.

That's according to a survey of 2,000 US adults, done by OnePoll for Mixbook, a company that makes photo books.

The survey found that the most common pictures in people's phones are group photos with friends and family, selfies, photos of pets, and photos of scenery.

Event pictures are very common too, such as graduations, weddings, vacations and sports events. But while the average person takes nearly 23 pictures per event, the survey found that people only look at those photos about once a month.

So why do people take photos at these events if they don't look at them often? Well, 45% said they feel like they'll remember the event in detail if they take photos.

And when asked what they do with the photos they've taken, 61% of participants said they keep them to themselves, while 55% said they look at them to relive the memories, and just over half said they post them on social media.

However, some said they now take fewer photos — some because they don't know what to do with them, others because they don't have space on their phones.


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