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Barcelona Bus Route Taken Off Maps to Keep Tourists Away

Some places are so secret you won't find them on any maps — or at least, they won't be seen very clearly.

There's often a good reason for that — countries don't want everyone zooming into military bases or government buildings.

But have you heard the story of the top secret bus route?

The reason you won't find this bus route on a map has nothing to do with military or government secrets.

No, it's to keep it a secret from tourists!

That's right: a Barcelona bus route has disappeared from online maps after local residents complained that there was never any space for them, because the buses were full of tourists.

Residents in the area of La Salut have been complaining for a number of years that the city's small 116 bus has been too busy with tourists going to Park Güell, one of Barcelona's most popular parks.

Park Güell was designed by Antoni Gaudí — who also designed the city's famous Sagrada Família church — and it's known for its colorful mosaics.

But locals now have a bit more space after the route was removed from Google Maps and Apple Maps.

The city council hasn't said it told the companies to remove the route from their maps, but Google said it only does this if asked to do so by a council.

"The next thing we need to do is to get the whole of Park Güell removed from Google Maps," one resident told The Guardian. The paper said he was joking, but perhaps he was only half-joking!

There's only one problem: If you really want to keep a secret, telling the world's newspapers about it probably isn't the best idea!



What are your thoughts on the bus route in Barcelona being removed from online maps?


Do you often use Google Maps or Apple Maps when you travel?


Are buses or trains often crowded with tourists where you live?


Are there any parts of your town or city that are often full of tourists?


Have you been to Spain? If so, was it easy to get around? If not, would you like to visit someday?


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