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Best Cities for Salary and Work-Life Balance

A new report by UK finance website MoneyNerd has ranked 25 cities around the world based on their work-life balance and working conditions. Researchers used data from organizations like the OECD, World Happiness Report, and LinkedIn to analyze factors such as cost of living, average salary, and number of jobs available.

Copenhagen, Denmark was ranked as the city with the best total pay and work-life balance, with an average salary of nearly $44,500 and a work-life balance rating of 8.6 out of 10. Amsterdam, Netherlands came in second, followed by New York in third place.

While New York had the highest cost of living rating, it also had the highest average salary on the list at almost $71,500 and the most job opportunities across six different industries. The cities with the worst total work-life balance and salary were Beijing, Lisbon, and Budapest.

Overall, the report emphasizes the importance of having a good work-life balance, and highlights cities that offer better opportunities for achieving it.


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