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What do you want from a place to visit? Even though food, culture, and location are all important, how welcome you feel in a new place can turn a good vacation into an amazing one. has released a list of the "Most Welcoming Cities on Earth for 2022." Based on 232 million reviews from users, the places were chosen because they give the best service to tourists.

The cities on the list were some of the places where the most hotels and other types of lodging had won a Traveller Review Award for their service. gives out Traveller Review Awards based on scores for things like how friendly the staff was, where the business was located, and how clean it was. To get an award, a hospitality business had to have at least three reviews and an average review score of 8 or higher out of 10.'s top pick for 2022 is the city of Matera in southern Italy. Fans of James Bond may have seen Matera in the recent movie No Time to Die.

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is known for its old buildings and great Italian food, according to has 672 places to stay in Matera. These include high-end hotels in old stone buildings and private vacation homes.

Bled, which is in Slovenia, came in second, and Taitung City, which is in Taiwan, was named the third most friendly city. says that people can boat and ride bikes in Bled, and that Taitung has beautiful beaches and interesting street food.


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