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Brian's First day in Guangzhou

Brian had been dreaming of visiting China for years, and now his dream was finally coming true. He had booked a flight to Guangzhou, a city known for its abundance of restaurants. He couldn’t wait to sample the culinary delights of the city, especially now that he’d heard about the region’s Cantonese cuisine.

Brian had arrived in Guangzhou early in the morning, and was already amazed at the sights and sounds of the city. He was loaded with excitement at the opportunity of exploring a new city and its culture. After a few hours of sightseeing and getting his bearings, he decided it was time to sample the local cuisine.

He had heard of a popular spot for dim sum and yum cha, so he decided to give it a try. Upon entering the restaurant, he was in awe of the variety of dishes available, and the delicious aromas that filled the air. He was greeted by the friendly waiters, who quickly showed him to his table.

He was so excited to try this dish that he barely noticed the other patrons in the restaurant. When the dim sum and yum cha arrived, Brian was not disappointed. The combination of flavors was amazing - sweet, salty, spicy, and savory.

But then Brian decided to try something a bit more daring. He ordered the roast suckling pig. He was a bit apprehensive, as he had never tried it before. But he was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and texture.

Unfortunately, the roast suckling pig just wasn’t for him.

Brian had just finished dinner at the restaurant, and he decided it was time to meet a couple of people he had met on this application called HelloTalk. He had been using the app for a few days now, and he was excited to finally meet some of the people he had been talking to.

He said goodbye to the waiter and left the restaurant, walking towards the nearby park. When he arrived, he saw two figures sitting on a bench. He approached them, waving nervously.

"Hello! I'm Brian, we've been talking on HelloTalk," he said. The two people smiled and stood up to introduce themselves. One person was a girl named Davina, and the other was a guy named Hero. After they broke the ice they hit the streets of Guangzhou.

Brian was overwhelmed as Davina and Hero showed him around the city. He had only ever seen the place in pictures, so he was excited to finally experience it in person.

They started the tour at a historical museum called the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall. It was a vast building with a unique architecture. Brian was amazed at the detailed carvings and intricate designs on the building. Everything seemed to be so well preserved, as if he was walking into a time machine.

The three of them made their way inside the museum. Brian was fascinated by the artifacts and information displayed in the museum. He was especially intrigued by the selection of traditional Chinese costumes and the various items used by the ancient Chinese.

To Be Continued


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