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Charlie's Cave Adventure: A Lesson in Caution and Curiosity

Once upon a time, there was a curious chipmunk named Charlie who loved exploring the forest. One day, he stumbled upon a mysterious cave hidden behind some bushes. Charlie was so excited to explore the cave that he didn't notice the "Do Not Enter" sign posted outside.

As he went deeper into the cave, Charlie suddenly heard a loud noise. He turned around and saw a giant boulder rolling towards him! He quickly ran and tried to escape, but the boulder was too fast.

Just when Charlie thought he was going to be crushed, he found a small hole and crawled through it. He emerged from the other side of the cave, safe but covered in dirt and rocks.

From then on, Charlie made sure to always read signs before entering any new places. And he never forgot to be extra careful and aware of his surroundings, so he wouldn't get into any more dangerous situations.


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