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Cracking the Code: First Date Behaviors for Securing a Second

Has the excitement of a promising first date left you wondering how to secure a second one? This is a common dilemma faced by many, and researchers from the United States have sought answers to this pressing question.

Their journey began when James Moran, a researcher from the University of Florida, found himself intrigued by observing a less-than-ideal first date at a bar. To shed light on the matter, Moran and his team conducted three insightful studies.

In the first study, a hundred men and women shared their thoughts on the "first date behaviors" they considered crucial in securing a second date, focusing on interactions between a man and a woman. Men believed that their counterparts should engage in deep conversations, cover the bill, use humor, and maintain eye contact. On the other hand, women thought that their fellow women should crack jokes, exhibit politeness, ask questions, and put effort into dressing well or wearing makeup.

The second study involved 131 participants who were tasked with rating the effectiveness of the tactics identified in the first study. Moran's findings revealed a fascinating contrast: "Men prefer when women are more involved on dates, but women prefer men who are more polite on a first date."

In the final study, the researchers attempted to validate their theories by observing the Netflix show "Dating Around," a series where individuals are filmed during their first dates. However, they encountered a surprising twist—securing a second date on the show did not seem to correlate with the tactics mentioned in the first two studies. The researchers postulated that this might be due to the show's editing aimed at entertainment value or the possibility that the behaviors deemed effective in theory might not translate to success in real-life dating scenarios.

So, while these studies provide valuable insights, the quest for securing that elusive second date may still hold some mysteries.


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