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Davinia's Day

Davinia always got up early, so her usual morning routine started long before the sun rose. She woke up at 5:30 in the morning after sleeping for 7 hours. She would start her day off on the right foot by doing some light stretching and meditating for a few minutes. After that, she would make herself a cup of coffee or tea and then read a book or magazine while drinking it. This was her favorite time of day, and she liked being alone during this quiet time. After her morning reading was done, she would take a shower and get dressed. She took her time in the shower and made sure to use a body wash with essential oils to help her relax and clear her mind before starting her day. Then she went downstairs to make breakfast. Her usual breakfast is oatmeal with blueberries, so that's what she chose today.

She got her bag and went out the door after eating breakfast. It was time for her to leave for work, as she did every day. Now that she was at work, Davinia was excited for her lunch break. Not only did it give her a chance to get away from work for a while, but it also gave her a chance to see her coworkers. She picked up her bag and went to the lunchroom. When she walked in, she saw that a number of her coworkers were already sitting at tables, talking and eating. Davinia walked over to them with a smile on her face and sat down. She was looking forward to a tasty meal, but what she was most excited about was getting to know her coworkers better.

Another long day at work had worn Davinia out. She was looking forward to how her evening gym session would make her feel better. She wanted to look good and get stronger and more energetic. When she got to the gym, she saw a lot of different kinds of equipment. She started with some easy exercises to warm up, then moved on to squats, which were her main focus. She started out slowly and paid attention to her form. Over time, she worked up to a faster and harder workout. She could feel her forehead sweating and her muscles starting to hurt. She didn't want to give up, though. With each repetition, she knew she was getting closer to her goal.

Davina was tired after a long day at the gym, so she decided to take a break and try something different for dinner. She heard that there was a great Venezuelan restaurant in town, so she went there. When she walked into the restaurant, the smell of traditional Venezuelan food made her mouth water. Davina was drawn to the smell of the arepas right away, so she placed an order. As she waited for her food, she looked around the restaurant and saw that everyone was talking and laughing with their friends and family. Davina was impressed by how lively the restaurant was, and she felt right at home there. After a long day at work, Davinia went to bed and fell asleep.


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