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Dreaming of the Perfect Climate: Greece Takes the Crown

On those chilly winter mornings, ever find yourself daydreaming about a place with a more inviting climate? According to a recent survey by US News & World Report, the dream destination for the perfect weather is none other than Greece.

At the close of 2023, more than 17,000 participants, regardless of whether they had visited the countries or not, were asked to rate various nations based on their perceptions. The consensus was clear: Greece emerged as the top choice for the most pleasant climate, beating out contenders like Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and Italy.

Greece, renowned for its stunning islands adorned with white houses, beautiful beaches, and azure seas, is a hotspot for summer vacations in Europe. Tourists flock to Athens and explore the country's rich archaeological sites throughout the year, finding that even in autumn, winter, and spring, the sun often graces them with its presence.

Despite being a climate favorite, Greece experienced its share of extreme weather in 2023, including floods and forest fires. Looking forward, the Greek government introduced a "climate tax" at the beginning of 2024. The funds collected are earmarked for the "special reserves budget" to aid the country in recovering from future weather-related challenges. This climate tax replaces the previous tourist tax, with visitors now facing a slightly increased fee. During the summer, guests in three-star hotels will pay a little over $3 per room per night, while those in five-star accommodations will contribute around $11.

Weather Enthusiasts' Questions:

  1. Climate Daydream: If you could choose any country for its climate, would Greece be your top pick, or do you have another favorite destination in mind?

  2. Weather Memories: Share a memorable experience you've had in a country with particularly pleasant weather.

  3. Extreme Weather Impact: How does a country's history of extreme weather events influence your travel considerations?

  4. Climate Tax Thoughts: What are your thoughts on the introduction of a climate tax for visitors? Do you see it as a positive step toward environmental responsibility?

  5. Ideal Vacation Spot: If you were to design your perfect vacation spot based on climate, what features would it have?


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