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Foreign Residents Increase while Japan's Population Falls

The population of Japanese nationals in Japan fell by a record 800,000 in 2022. This was the largest drop since records began in 1968, and also the first time the population of Japanese nationals dropped in every one of Japan's 47 prefectures.

The decline was driven by a number of factors, including a record number of deaths, a low birthrate, and an aging population. In 2022, there were a record 1.56 million deaths in Japan, but only 771,000 births. This was the first time on record the number of births fell under 800,000.

The end of strict border control measures that were introduced during the coronavirus pandemic saw a record 10% increase in foreign residents to 2.99 million. However, this increase had little effect on the total population, which has been falling every year for 14 years, and fell to 122.42 million in 2022.

Tokyo was the only prefecture that saw a total population increase because of the large number of foreigners who moved there in 2022.

The decline in Japan's population has a number of implications for the country. It means that there will be fewer workers to support the growing elderly population, and it could also lead to a decline in economic growth.

The government has taken some steps to address the problem, such as providing more financial support for parents and relaxing immigration rules. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will be enough to reverse the trend.


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