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French Polynesia Voted World's Friendliest Country

It's a long road to the friendliest place on the planet, but it might be worthwhile.

According to Condé Nast Traveler's 35th Readers' Choice Awards, French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean has been voted the world's friendliest country.

French Polynesia is a French overseas territory with islands spread across a large area of ocean.

Australia is approximately 6,000 kilometers to the west, while Chile is approximately 7,500 kilometers to the east.

Condé Nast called it a "year-round destination," and it ranked first in friendliness — "home to the friendliest people."

French Polynesia is well-known for its white-sand beaches and hotels built on the water's edge, and it is a popular honeymoon destination.

Tahiti and Bora Bora are the most visited of the approximately 120 islands.

Colombia was ranked second in terms of friendliness. According to Condé Nast, the "Open-hearted culture" can be felt upon arrival in the South American country.

Condé Nast ranked New Zealand third, citing its people's "positive attitude toward life."

Thailand, Costa Rica, Botswana, Peru, Belize, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines were also in the top ten, as voted for by the public.

There were no European countries among the top ten, but Ireland was named Europe's friendliest.

San Miguel de Allende in Mexico has been named the world's friendliest — and best — city.

Condé Nast stated that hundreds of thousands of people participated in the survey, which was conducted between April and June 2022 and included questions about the best hotels, train journeys, and airports.

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