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George Pursues His Dream

George was born in China, and his parents had always dreamed of him becoming a mechanical engineer. They had worked hard to ensure that he had the best education so that he could pursue a successful career in engineering.

Although George had an interest in engineering, his true passion was music. He was an up and coming rapper and had recorded one album on his own. He dreamed of performing around the world and sharing his music with the world.

However, his parents were not supportive of his musical aspirations. They wanted him to stay in China, get a degree in engineering, and pursue a secure job. George was frustrated by his parents' lack of acceptance of his passion, but he respected them and tried to stay focused on his studies. He felt trapped between his parents' expectations and his own dreams, so he called his friend Juice and asked what to do. Juice told him to "You have to go after ya dreams playboy".

George's parents had been trying to get George to focus more on his schoolwork, and they were worried that music was taking away from his studies. They forbade George from playing music, and told him that if he didn't focus on his studies, there would be consequences. George was torn between his parents' expectations and his own desires, but Juice's words inspired him to take control of his own destiny and follow his dreams of playing music. He wanted to prove to his parents that he would become a successful rapper. George's parents weren't convinced that music was the right choice for their son, but Juice's words gave George the courage to stand up for himself.

He decided to take a risk and pursue his music career even if his parents were not in favor of it. Now he was flunking out of school and putting in long hours at the studio, determined to prove them wrong. His parents eventually grow frustrated with his behavior and decide to kick him out of the house.

Despite this, George was not deterred and continued to invest all of his energy into the music career he had chosen. In a bad spot and homeless, George asks Juice if he can move in with him as he pursues his dream, but Juice says "Heck No!" So he lives in his car, writes songs, works a part time job and goes to the studio when he is awake. With his back against the wall, George did not give up on his dream. He eventually writes a hit song called "What a bird" and "I hate Juice" He eventually caught the attention of a few record labels and was soon signed. George quickly rose to fame and started releasing hit songs. His parents were so proud of his success and celebrated his accomplishments with him. He told his parents, " Told you so," and then Juice comes and says, "Hey George remember me" and George responds "Heck no".

George goes on to make a lot of money and dates nothing but dimes!


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