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Greece Makes History: Same-Sex Civil Marriage Now Legal

In a groundbreaking move, Greece became the first Orthodox Christian country to allow same-sex civil marriage on February 15. Despite pushback from the influential Greek Church, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' center-right government successfully led the bill through parliament, with 176 out of 300 lawmakers supporting the change.

Mitsotakis proudly declared Greece as the "16th [European Union] country to legislate marriage equality" on Twitter. Outside parliament, supporters gathered to watch the debate on screens, and cheers erupted as the favorable vote was announced.

"This took a long time to be adopted in our country... but at least it happened, and that's what is important," said a supporter named Nikolas. "We are no longer invisible." Mitsotakis, addressing lawmakers before the vote, emphasized the importance of making previously marginalized individuals visible in society.

Reflecting on the News:

  1. Historic Moment: How might Greece legalizing same-sex civil marriage influence discussions about LGBTQ+ rights in other places?

  2. Public Opinion: How do you think this decision could affect the way people in Greece view and talk about same-sex relationships?

  3. Parental Rights: Why is providing full parental rights to married same-sex partners with children an essential part of this change?

  4. Church Influence: What challenges could come up when balancing legal reforms with religious beliefs, especially with the opposition from the Church of Greece?

  5. Political Impact: Since the new law isn't expected to harm Mitsotakis' government, what does this suggest about how Greek politics is changing regarding LGBTQ+ issues?


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