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Inflation Ranks as Top Global Concern

Rising temperatures have been in the news in 2022, but it's the daily concern of rising prices that people actually find the most worrying.

That's according to August's What Worries the World report, released by research company Ipsos.

Based on opinions from across the world, inflation is at the top of the list, with 39% of people putting it in their top three worries. Poverty and social inequality come next with 31%, ahead of unemployment at 27%.

Climate change is seventh with 17%, although in Spain, the UK and France — three places where temperatures rose to record highs this summer — worry in August rose by 10% or more compared with July.

People were asked which three things were worrying them most, from a list of 18 choices. Ipsos asks the world about its worries every month.

This survey was done between July 22 and August 5, 2022. It included almost 20,000 people in 28 countries, although South Africa was the only nation from Africa.

Inflation has made life difficult for people across the world.

In August, 11 countries had inflation as their number one worry, with 71% of Argentinians and 67% of people in Poland putting it in their top three.

In Argentina at the start of August, the rate of inflation was above 70% — and rising.

Participants were also asked whether they thought their country was generally moving in the right direction. On average, 65% of people said they didn't think so.


What is your opinion on the findings of August's What Worries the World report?

Out of the list provided, which worry do you find the most concerning?

Were you surprised to see that climate change ranked seventh on the list?

What do you think are the top three worries for people in your country?

Do you believe that your country is headed in the right direction?


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