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Japan's Top Sushi Toppings

Conveyor belt sushi restaurants, known as kaiten-zushi in Japan, have been a staple of the country's dining scene since 1958. These restaurants serve cheap and tasty plates of sushi to customers who are looking for a quick and convenient meal. According to a recent survey by seafood company Maruha Nichiro, kaiten-zushi restaurants are the most popular places to eat sushi in Japan.

The survey was conducted in February 2023 and asked over 11,000 people aged 15 to 59 about their sushi eating habits. 73% of respondents said they liked to eat sushi at kaiten-zushi restaurants, making them the most popular type of sushi restaurant in Japan. Of those who preferred kaiten-zushi restaurants, almost 40% said they liked to visit at least once a month.

The survey also asked the 3,000 people who eat at kaiten-zushi restaurants at least once a month about how they choose a restaurant. The most popular response, at 42%, was "cheap prices." This was followed by "the toppings are fresh" at just over 31%, and "it's close to home" at just under 31%.

Participants were also asked about their favorite sushi toppings, with salmon coming in at number one with 50% of respondents choosing it as their go-to option. Lean tuna came in second place with 35%, and hamachi or buri (both known as yellowtail in English) came in third place with about 33%.

Interestingly, salmon has been the most popular sushi topping for the past 12 years of the survey, showing that it's a consistent favorite among sushi lovers in Japan.

Finally, the survey asked respondents how much they typically spend at a kaiten-zushi restaurant and how much sushi they typically eat. The most common response for spending was "between 1,000 yen and 1,999 yen," or about $7.50 to $15. On average, men reported eating around 12 plates of sushi while women reported eating eight plates.


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