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Joyce Helps Megan

Joyce and Megan had been best friends since they were both five years old. They grew up together and shared so many incredible memories. They were both members of the same sports teams, went to the same schools and even shared the same hobbies.

When they were teenagers, they would hang out in each other's bedrooms and talk about anything and everything. They laughed, they cried, and they vented to each other. As they grew older, their friendship only deepened.

Until one day Joyce got a phone call from Sarah. She and her boyfriend got into an argument and broke up. Joyce offered to help her move on from the bad breakup and get her mind off of it. Megan was down in the dumps and Joyce knew that Megan was going to need some cheering up, so she decided to take her on a shopping spree. She took her to the mall and they started browsing, looking at all the clothes and shoes. Megan was in no mood to shop, but Joyce was determined to make her feel better. As they continued to look around, Joyce started to pick out items that she thought would make Megan smile. She picked out a few skirts, a few dresses, and a beautiful pair of red shoes.

Joyce knew that material possessions wouldn't solve Megan's heartache, but the new outfits would at least give her a little confidence boost and a distraction. They tried on countless outfits and took selfies in the changing rooms, and Joyce made sure to buy Megan anything that she seemed interested in. They shopped until they dropped. Joyce then took Megan out for coffee and ice cream and talked through her issues, and eventually Megan started to feel better. They talked about the breakup and all the emotions Megan had been feeling, and Joyce helped her grasp that it was okay to feel those things.

After that day, Joyce and Megan started to become even closer friends. By the end of the day, Megan was smiling and laughing, and her mood had improved significantly and eventually got over the breakup. Megan was starting to realize that although it may take time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and their relationship even grew stronger.


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