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Julie's Bad Trip

Julie had always dreamed of going to Paris. She had studied French in school, read books about the city's history and culture, and even learned how to make crepes. Finally, after years of saving money, she booked her dream trip to the City of Light.

But her dream turned into a nightmare from the moment she arrived.

First, her flight was delayed for hours due to a strike by French air traffic controllers. Julie tried to make the best of it, exploring the airport and chatting with other stranded travelers. But as the hours ticked by, she grew more and more frustrated. By the time her flight finally took off, she was exhausted and irritable.

When she arrived in Paris, things only got worse. Her luggage was lost somewhere in transit, leaving her with only the clothes on her back and a few essentials in her carry-on bag. She tried to file a report with the airline, but the staff spoke little English and seemed indifferent to her plight.

Julie decided to take a taxi to her hotel, but the driver took her on a circuitous route through heavy traffic, charging her an exorbitant fare. When she arrived at her hotel, she discovered that her reservation had been lost and the hotel was fully booked. She spent the next several hours wandering the streets, trying to find another place to stay.

Finally, exhausted and frustrated, Julie stumbled upon a dingy hostel in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. She paid for a room and collapsed on the lumpy bed, too tired to care about the peeling wallpaper or the faint smell of mold.

Over the next few days, Julie tried to salvage her trip. She visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral, but each experience was marred by long lines, rude crowds, and pushy vendors. She struggled to communicate with locals, feeling embarrassed by her limited French and the indifference she encountered.

As her trip drew to a close, Julie couldn't wait to leave Paris behind. She packed her bags and headed to the airport, hoping for a smooth departure. But once again, her plans were foiled by a last-minute strike by French airport workers. She spent hours waiting in line and listening to announcements in French that she couldn't understand.

When she finally boarded her plane, Julie felt nothing but relief. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the nightmare of her trip to Paris. She knew she would never forget the city's beauty, but she also knew she would never return.


  1. Dreamed of - had a strong desire or longing to do something

  2. Studied French - learned the French language

  3. City's history and culture - the historical and cultural background of the city

  4. Saving money - keeping money aside for future use

  5. Booked a trip - made a reservation for travel

  6. Nightmare - a very unpleasant experience

  7. Flight delay - a situation where a flight is postponed or rescheduled for a later time

  8. Stranded travelers - people who are stuck or unable to leave a place

  9. Luggage lost - baggage that cannot be found or is missing

  10. File a report - to submit a formal complaint or document detailing an incident

  11. Circuitous route - a longer or indirect way of getting to a destination

  12. Exorbitant fare - an extremely high price for transportation services

  13. Reservation lost - a booking that cannot be found or is missing

  14. Salvage her trip - trying to make the best of a difficult or unpleasant situation

  15. Rude crowds - impolite or discourteous groups of people.


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