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Kate and her Family Move To Germany

Kate had always dreamed of a better life, and when she and her husband decided to move from Moldova to Germany with their lovely cat, she was excited but also nervous. Kate had been a nail technician for the last eight years back in Moldova, and she was worried how she would make it in Germany, a country with a totally different language and culture. But Kate was determined to make it and was sure she could do it. The first challenge was to find a job. Kate had heard that the job market in Germany was very competitive, but with the help of her husband, they were able to find a job for her at a local nail salon.

The transition from her life in Moldova to a new home in Germany was not easy, but it was worth it. She quickly found out that she needed to improve her German as her native language is Russian, and that made the transition even harder. With the help of her friends, she started attending language classes and met some new friends who were also learning Russian. She quickly befriended a girl from Mexico, and they would speak daily to improve their German; she also taught her Russian, and she learned some Spanish. She was able to figure out how to live in Germany and became more comfortable speaking the language over time.

Kate was nervous when she first opened the salon. She had a good grasp of the German language, but she was still worried that her intermediate level would not be enough to communicate with her customers. Fortunately, she was soon proven wrong. Kate's enthusiasm and passion for beauty quickly won over her customers. She was able to understand their needs and deliver exactly what they wanted. She befriends a German customer and learns the language as she grows a successful business in Germany.


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