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Kayla Skips Class

Kayla had been dying to go to this concert for months. It was the dopest ticket in town. The Weeknd was going to perform, and all her friends were going. She'd already missed out on a lot of other great experiences because of school. If she was going to make it to this one, she'd have to skip class. Kayla knew it was risky, but she was determined.

She'd been dreaming of this concert for weeks. She'd already picked out her outfit, and she saw a jacket that she bought that had just been collecting dust in her closet; this was the perfect time to wear it. She was having cold feet, so she called Juice and asked whether she should go and if it was a good idea. He said, "Heck Yeah, you only live once." She was ready. The morning of the concert, Kayla got up extra early and snuck out of the house.

She took the bus downtown and managed to make it there without getting caught. She spent the rest of the day enjoying the music and vibes, never feeling so alive before, The Weeknd performed all of her favorite songs. When she got home her parents asked her, "How was class?" She looked at her parents nervously and said, "It was great."

Looking at Kayla disappointedly, her dad said, "We know you went to the Weeknd concert." She was busted……..

Was it worth it?


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