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Kim's First Day in College

Kim's heart was pounding as she drove to college for the first time. She had heard so many stories about college, both good and bad, that she wasn't sure what to expect. As she parked her car and walked around, she was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the campus and the number of unfamiliar faces. She took some time to find her way around, and visited the student union, library, and cafeteria. She also checked out the classrooms and lecture halls to get a feel for the atmosphere. After walking around for a few hours, Kim felt more comfortable and started to appreciate the beauty of the campus.

The day was filled with a mix of emotions for Kim. She felt a little bit of apprehension, but she was also quite excited to begin her journey as a college student Her tour of the campus helped to ease some of her anxieties as she noticed how friendly and helpful the staff and faculty were She also got to explore the student union and the various dorms that she could choose from for the upcoming school year.


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