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Kyoungmi Travels to Jeju Island

Kyoungmi is a professor at a university in Korea, something she had worked hard for and was proud of. She was passionate about her job, and enjoyed the challenge of teaching the next generation of minds. But lately, she had been feeling the strain of her work, needing a break from all the late nights of grading and coming up with new lectures.

So, one morning she decided to take her own advice, and take a vacation for a change of pace. She packed her bags and caught a flight to Jeju Island, where she could relax and let her hair down. Kyoungmi had always wanted to explore the world, and she was excited to finally get the chance to do so in Jeju Island, Korea. She arrived early in the morning, the sun just starting to peek out over the horizon. She couldn't help but take in the fresh air, the salty air of the sea, and the warmth of the sun. It was almost like a dream come true.

Kyoungmi decided to start her first day in Jeju Island by exploring the island's many attractions. She first visited the Manjanggul Cave, an underground lava tube. She was amazed at how expansive and intricate the cave was, and she felt like she had been transported to a different world even though she was in her home country of Korea. She smiled as she breathed in the fresh air and took in her surroundings.

Kyoungmi spent the next few days exploring the island. She hiked up volcanic mountains, went for long walks on the beach, and visited some of the island's many tourist. attractions, taking the time to really experience the beauty and culture of her country. From Daegu to Jeju Island, Kyoungmi was taken aback by how much Korea had to offer. She savored every second of her vacation and was happy that she had made the effort to take a break from her hectic city life of grading papers and having lessons with Juice :/


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