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Laura Moves to The USA with Her Family

Laura and her husband had been planning their move to the United States from Colombia for months. They had it all planned out - they would fly out with their two cats, and take the necessary steps to apply for permanent residency.

Once they arrived in the US, they quickly got to work. They applied for the necessary paperwork, and their cats were all vaccinated and micro-chipped to meet the requirements for entry into the US. After weeks of paperwork and preparation, they were ready to move into their new home.

The first few weeks were a whirlwind of unpacking and settling into their new lives. However, Laura was soon able to feel the delight of being in a new place, even though it was a bit overwhelming.

Laura nervously stepped off the plane and into the Atlanta airport. She had no idea what to expect from her new home, but she was excited to begin this new adventure.

The first thing she noticed was the heat in the Summer time in Atlanta. It was so much hotter than the humid heat of Bogota, her hometown. As she and her husband made their way to the baggage claim, Laura realized she was the only one speaking Spanish. Although she was a bit intimidated by the language barrier, she was also excited to learn a new language.

When they were finally ready to leave the airport, they had to figure out transportation. They were able to take a cab to their apartment, but the cats were not allowed in the cab. Laura was then able to find an Uber car that would accommodate the cats, and they made their way to their new home. Laura was eager to begin this new chapter of her life, even though she knew it would be a challenge.

When Laura arrived at her new home, she was greeted by the landlord who would be renting the home to her. The landlord was friendly and accommodating and was happy to have Laura and her cats in the home.

Later that day, Laura and her husband decided to hit the city. They went to the World of Coca Cola, which is a museum showcasing the popular soft drink, which is from Atlanta. There, they had the chance to try different flavors of Coke from around the world, learn about its history, and explore a few interactive exhibits that took them through the evolution of the iconic brand.

They took many photos and then decided to go to a popular restaurant in Atlanta called Poor Calvin's, which is a popular Asian fusion restaurant on 510 Piedmont Ave. NE. Laura ordered the Buttermilk Frog Legs, and her husband ordered Fried Green Tomato and Crab Meat. They both ordered cocktails, and after their meal, they were satisfied and also a bit tipsy.

They stayed for dessert and talked about the different flavors of Coke they had tried earlier. After finishing their dessert, they took a short stroll to the nearby Fox Theatre before heading home. It was a wonderful evening, one that Laura and her husband would fondly remember for years to come. Welcome to the USA, Laura!


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