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Learn These Movie Phrases

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many movies to be delayed in 2020. However, with cinemas opening up in many places, it's time to talk about our favorite movies! Here are some phrases that can be used to describe a movie:

Star-Studded: If a movie has a lot of famous actors, it can be referred to as "star-studded."

Stole the Show: If an actor's performance stands out from the rest, one might say that they "stole the show!"

Chewing the scenery: If an actor's performance is too dramatic, it can be described as "chewing the scenery." Although, sometimes this can be a good thing if the character demands it, but too much can come across as unrealistic to the audience.

Jumped the Shark: This phrase describes a point in a movie where it becomes strange and unbelievable. This can happen when a movie or TV show has been around for a while and the writers run out of good ideas. This phrase originated from an episode of Happy Days, a US TV show, where a character jumped over a shark on waterskis - a completely unbelievable event to include in a story about a normal teenager and his friends.

Hollywood Ending: This refers to a simple, happy ending that big US film companies are known for. Sometimes, the ending may not make much sense, but it ties everything up in a neat and happy way that the audience will like.

Cliffhanger: This describes an ending to a movie that leaves the audience hanging and wanting more. It's often used to set up a sequel or to keep the audience engaged.

Plot Twist: This phrase is used to describe a surprising turn of events in a movie's plot. It can often change the audience's perception of the story and characters.

Cult Classic: This phrase is used to describe a movie that has a dedicated following of fans, even though it may not have been a box office success.

Box Office Hit: This describes a movie that was very successful in terms of ticket sales. It's often used to describe movies that break records and become very popular.

When talking about movies, it's important to remember that everyone has their own opinion. Just because one person likes a movie, it doesn't mean everyone will. However, knowing these phrases can help you better understand and discuss movies with your friends and family.

Questions What are some examples of movies that can be described as "star-studded"?

Can you think of a movie that has a Hollywood ending that you particularly enjoyed?

Have you ever watched a movie that you thought "jumped the shark"? Which one?

What are some movies that have a plot twist that surprised you?

Do you have a favorite cult classic movie? What makes it a cult classic?


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