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Man Fired for Being 'Boring' Wins $3,100 in Court

Companies often organize "fun" activities for their workers, to help them feel more relaxed in the workplace and socialize with colleagues.

But sometimes, people don't want to take part in these activities. And a French man referred to as "Mr. T" lost his job because of it.

According to court documents, Mr. T started working for a company called Cubik Partners in Paris in 2011, and was promoted in February 2014.

But just over a year later, he was fired because he didn't want to take part in after-work drinks and other social activities organized by the company.

Cubik Partners said the team activities were part of the company's "fun" values. The company also said that Mr. T was difficult to work with, was sometimes unkind to his colleagues, and was a bad listener.

But more than seven years later, the Court of Cassation in Paris has said the reasons Cubik Partners gave for firing Mr. T were unfair, because they violated his freedom of expression and right to a private life.

On November 9, 2022, the court said Cubik Partners must pay Mr. T about $3,100.

However, Mr. T has also asked for almost $480,000, which the court will decide on at a later date.

He has also asked to have his old job again.


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