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Margarita does Yoga

Margarita was always a fan of yoga. She loved the way it made her feel, like her mind and body were in sync. She had been practicing for a few years now, but lately it had been difficult to find the time. Between her full-time job, errands, and social obligations, she often found herself wishing for more time for herself. And when she did find the time, there seemed to be so many distractions. From the television blaring in the background to the buzzing of her phone, it was hard to focus. So today, Margarita decided to try something a bit different. She put her phone away and turned off the television. She lit some scented candles and played calming music.

It was the only time she could find peace and clarity amidst her chaotic life. Every morning, she would wake up early and set up her yoga mat in the living room. She found that yoga allowed her to focus her energy on her breath and stretch out her tense muscles. But this morning, Margarita was interrupted by her boyfriend. He was hungry and wanted her to make breakfast for him. She got pissed. Margarita was frustrated; why couldn't her boyfriend make breakfast for himself? But she decided to take a breath and make her boyfriend eggs Benedict.

After making breakfast, she returned to her yoga practice she started off with the basic poses like Downward Dog, Mountain Pose, and Warrior I. She was able to do these poses with ease and felt energized afterwards. Margarita was so pleased with herself that she decided to challenge herself further by attempting some of the more advanced poses. She began with the Crow Pose and Half Moon Pose. She found these more difficult but was determined to master them. She practiced these poses until she was able to do them with perfect form and grace, a task that took some time but was worth the effort.

When she was finished, Margarita took a few minutes to meditate and take in the peace of the morning. Her thoughts were clear and her breathing was deep. She felt relaxed and ready to start her day.


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