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Melissa's Travel Woes

Melissa was about to embark on a journey that would take her away from her home in Shiraz Iran and to Toronto, Canada. She felt excited and nervous at the same time. She had been planning this trip for months, and now it was finally time to leave.

Melissa arrived at the airport in Shiraz with her suitcase in tow. She was met by her family, who had come to say their goodbyes. There were hugs, tears, and well wishes as Melissa's family said their farewells. Then, it was time for Melissa to board the plane.

As she was finding her seat, she noticed a lady and her three-year-old daughter in the seat behind her. The little girl had dark curly hair, big brown eyes, and a stuffed toy in her hands. Melissa smiled at her, and the little girl returned the gesture, her face lighting up with excitement. Little did she know that this would be a smile from hell. As the plane took off and climbed into the sky, Melissa heard a piercing scream from behind her, and she immediately realized the little girl had dropped her stuffed toy. Melissa helped the girl by picking it up and giving it back to her. She then stopped screaming. Melissa was so relieved that she gave the girl a big smile.

Melissa returns the smile, and the little girl starts kicking the back of her seat. At first, Melissa was annoyed and upset, but she figured the little girl was probably just excited to be on the plane.

After 25 minutes, it continued, and Melissa sighed heavily as she felt a sharp kick in the back of her seat. She turned around to find the mother of a 3 year old girl looking the other way. Melissa cleared her throat and said, "Can you please ask your daughter to stop kicking my seat?" The mother just stared at her, annoyed, with a "What are you going to do about it?" look. Melissa was taken aback by the mother's attitude, but she remained composed and calmly replied, "I just want her to stop kicking my seat, that's all. The mother rolled her eyes at Melissa, and the girl continued to kick her seat; it was going to be a long 15 hours.


Words in This Story

To have a knack for something: to have a talent or skill at something


What passenger behavior do you find annoying when flying?

Have you ever sat next to a smelly, rude, or loud passenger?

Would you rather sit next to a drunk passenger or a crying baby?

Do you think airline passengers have a right to recline their seats?

When was the last time you flew?

How do you usually pass the time when flying?

What's the longest flight you've been on? What's the shortest?

What's the best service you've had on a plane?


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