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More Energy, More Money: The Benefits of Sober October

Sober October is when people try not to drink alcohol for a whole month. It started in 2014 by a UK charity called Macmillan Cancer Support. They do it to collect money for the charity, but some folks do it for their health.

It's not the only time people take a break from alcohol. Some do it in January (Dry January), February (Feb Fast), or July (Dry July). No matter when you do it, doctors say it's good for you.

When you stop drinking alcohol for a month, you might feel better. You'll have more energy and sleep better. You could also lose weight and be healthier. It might even make you feel happier.

Not drinking alcohol can also save you money. Nowadays, there are lots of non-alcoholic drinks in stores, so you can still enjoy social events without alcohol.

But even though some people are drinking less, the global alcohol market is huge. It was worth $2.1 trillion in 2022, and it's expected to double by 2029.

Abstain: To choose not to do something, especially something like drinking alcohol.

Charity: An organization that helps people in need and relies on donations.

Questions from the Text

Why do some people choose to take a break from alcohol in January, February, or July?

  1. What are the good things that can happen to your body when you stop drinking alcohol for a month, according to doctors?

  2. How can not drinking alcohol help you save money?

  3. Even though some people are drinking less, what's surprising about the global alcohol market?

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