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Most Germans Want To Put Speed Limits On Autobahn

Today, Germany is the only country in Europe with no national speed limit on parts of its famous autobahn, where it is not uncommon to see drivers exceeding 200 kilometers per hour.

However, are the laws about to change?

Since the 1980s, Germans have been divided on the issue of speed limits because many see the autobahn as a symbol of freedom.

However, according to a recent survey of over 1,200 people conducted by the German television channel ARD, people's minds are changing.

It discovered that 60% of Germans now support a speed limit of 130 km/h on the autobahn, compared to 38% who do not.

However, Germans want a national speed limit for a variety of reasons, not just road safety. They are also concerned about global warming.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, a national speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour in Germany in 2018 would have reduced CO2 emissions by nearly 2 million tons.

In an odd new twist, the three political parties most likely to form Germany's next government, including the Greens, have just agreed that there will be no national speed limit — despite the fact that most Germans appear to want change.

Sebastian Vettel, the German Formula One driver, believes a national speed limit will reduce emissions and improve safety.

"There are accidents in Germany that occur solely because there is no speed limit. If you can only save one person's life, it's a no-brainer for me "He revealed this to Auto Motor und Sport.


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