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Party Like It's 1999 with This '90s Slang

Every decade has its own slang. Some terms stay in the English language for a long time, while others might be better to forget! But either way, here's some "totally rad" — or really cool — slang from the '90s.

How did people in the '90s say that something was impossible and not going to happen? With a simple, "As if!"

So if it was 1997, and you were making weekend plans, your friend might say, "My mom wants me to babysit on Friday — as if! We're going to that party!"

To make it clear to your listener that you just didn't care about something, you could just say, "Whatever!" This was also a great way to tell someone you didn't agree, but you didn't want to argue with them.

So you might tell your friend that maybe they should help their mom instead of going to the party. And they could answer, "Whatever! I want to have some fun!"

The 1990s gave us what is still common slang for expensive-looking jewelry, clothes and other accessories — "bling," or sometimes even "bling bling."

"Bling bling" was even put in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2003.

Deciding your friend was right, you could say, "OK, let's go to the party — I have some new bling to wear too!"

When you're dressed for the party and look really good, your friend might say, "You're all that and a bag of chips!"

This is an example of a slang phrase you probably won't hear today, but it was a big compliment in the 1990s, meaning to be really great.


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