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Sammy Learns To Be Careful

One day, there was a silly squirrel named Sammy. Sammy loved to climb trees and collect acorns for the winter. But one day, while he was collecting acorns, he accidentally knocked a beehive out of a tree!

The bees were very angry and started chasing Sammy all around the forest. Sammy ran as fast as he could, but he couldn't outrun the bees. He decided to climb a tree to get away from them, but the bees followed him up the tree!

Sammy was so scared that he jumped from tree to tree trying to get away from the bees. But then he realized he had jumped onto a tree branch that was too thin! The branch broke, and Sammy fell into a pile of leaves below.

When Sammy got up, he was covered in leaves and twigs. He looked like a little forest monster! But the bees had given up chasing him, and Sammy was safe.

From then on, Sammy made sure to be extra careful when he collected acorns, so he wouldn't accidentally disturb any more bees. And he also made sure to stay away from any thin tree branches, so he wouldn't fall into any more piles of leaves!


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