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Sandra Goes Home

Sandra grew up in the small town of Soria in the north of Spain. The rolling hills and green meadows were beautiful, but Sandra had always wanted to see more of the world. She wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry, but she knew she would have to look further afield to do so. She said goodbye to her family and friends and headed to Madrid, which is Spain's biggest city.

When she got there, she was overwhelmed by how busy the city was. People were going about their daily lives everywhere she looked, and the variety of cultures was amazing. She found a place to live quickly and started looking for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. Her skills and experience were in high demand in the city, so she had no trouble getting a job.

She worked hard and was a dedicated employee, but she was never rewarded for her hard work or given any opportunities for advancement. That all changed when Sandra got a promotion and moved up in her job. With her newfound success, Sandra felt relieved and energized. She was finally getting the recognition she deserved, and she was thrilled to finally have a chance to do something meaningful with her life, Now she is heading home to Soria, Spain, for Epiphany.

She was filled with anticipation as she rode the train home, remembering all the fun she used to have during this special holiday.

She was excited to be back in her hometown of Soria, Spain and was looking forward to reconnecting with her family and friends. Sandra had missed the lively conversations and nights out with her friends. She had missed the good times, the laughs, and the conversations about everything under the sun. She had missed the shared memories and experiences that only true friends could understand. It had been a long time since Sandra had seen her friends and she was very excited to see them all again. She called them up and arranged a meeting at their favorite cafe. Everyone was so excited to see each other again and to catch up on all that had happened since they had last seen each other.


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