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Senior Tricks Con-Artist.

Jean, a grandmother from Long Island, is 73 years old. She received a phone call from a man on Thursday. He claimed to be her grandson and to be in jail for drunk driving. He informed Jean that he needed $8,000 to be released from jail.

But there was one issue. Jean's grandchildren are far too young to be driving. She could tell it was a ruse!

"I had a feeling he was a con artist. I just knew he wasn't going to take advantage of me "Jean informed WCBS.

Jean decided to mislead the con artist. She invited the man to come to her house and pick up the money. But it was all a ruse. Just after Jean handed him an envelope filled with paper towels, the Nassau County Police Department arrested Joshua Estrella Gomez, 28.

Every year, millions of senior citizens fall victim to this type of scam. Scams like this became even more common during the pandemic.

Scammers frequently pose as technology support staff, the IRS, or charity workers. They attempt to defraud the elderly because they frequently have financial savings. According to the FBI, scammers believe the elderly will be more "trusting and polite."

Jean was pleased that she had stopped the con artist.


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