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Sibling Rivalry : Emily & Jake

Growing up, Emily and her younger brother Jake were always competitive with each other. They would argue over everything from who got to choose the TV channel to who was better at sports. Their parents tried to encourage them to support each other, but the rivalry between the two siblings only grew stronger as they got older.

As they reached adulthood, Emily became a successful lawyer while Jake struggled to find his place in the world. Emily couldn't help feeling a sense of smug satisfaction as she watched her brother struggle, believing that her success was a result of her hard work and talent.

But when their mother fell ill, everything changed. Emily was so focused on her career that she couldn't take time off to care for their mother. It was Jake who stepped up and took on the responsibility of caring for her, sacrificing his own dreams and ambitions to do so.

As Emily watched her brother selflessly care for their mother, she began to realize how wrong she had been about him. She saw that Jake's quiet determination and dedication were just as valuable as her own ambition and drive.

In the end, Emily and Jake were able to put their rivalry aside and form a closer bond than they ever had before. They learned that success and achievement aren't the only measures of a person's worth, and that sometimes it's the selfless acts of kindness that truly make someone extraordinary.

Vocab Words

  • Sibling rivalry: competition and jealousy between siblings, often resulting in negative feelings and behaviors towards one another.

  • Ambition: a strong desire to achieve something, often related to success or achievement.

  • Selflessness: concern for the well-being of others over one's own interests or desires.

  • Compassion: the ability to feel empathy and understanding for others, often leading to acts of

kindness and assistance.

  • Sacrifice: giving up something valuable or important for the sake of something else, often associated with putting others before oneself.


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