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Surprising Facts on The Health Benefits of Ice Cream

Ice cream, a beloved dessert, may not only be a delight for our taste buds but also potentially beneficial for our health, according to research. Public health historian David Merritt Johns highlighted in an article for The Atlantic that various studies have found associations between ice cream consumption and positive health effects.

Johns became intrigued by the health impact of ice cream after discovering a 2018 study by Andres Ardisson Korat, a former Harvard student. The study revealed that consuming half a cup of ice cream daily was linked to a reduced risk of heart problems among individuals with diabetes.

Ardisson Korat and his team, surprised by the findings, thoroughly reviewed their study but could not identify any mistakes or errors.

In an earlier study conducted in 2002, Mark Pereira, also affiliated with Harvard at the time, found a correlation between dairy consumption among overweight individuals and a lower risk of developing a condition that could lead to diabetes. Notably, dairy-based desserts, primarily ice cream, exhibited the lowest risk in the study.

While the notion of ice cream offering health benefits is appealing, some scientists remain skeptical and suggest that other factors may be at play.

Duane Mellor, a senior lecturer at Aston Medical School in the UK, cautioned against attributing health advantages to a single food item when speaking to The Guardian. Mellor acknowledged that ice cream might contain certain beneficial components like calcium. However, he emphasized that considering ice cream as a health food would be inappropriate.

It's important to approach these findings with a balanced perspective and consider ice cream as an enjoyable treat rather than a solely health-focused dietary choice.


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Ice cream is like a hug for your taste buds. — Unknown. What are your favorite comfort foods?


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