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Survey: Customer Loyalty Affected After Just One Bad Experience

Hey, did you know that most Americans aren't loyal to the brands they buy? Yeah, a new survey by OnePoll found that over half of US shoppers would ditch a brand after just one bad experience, and the biggest reason for switching brands was because of incorrect product info online.

In fact, almost 60% of people surveyed said they recently stopped buying from a brand they used to love and went to another company. Ouch!

But hey, some people are still loyal to the brands they grew up using, and almost half of them are attracted to brands that offer cool stuff like online communities and how-to videos.

When it comes to deciding what brand to buy, lots of folks listen to their partner or check out reviews. Others follow the lead of celebs or influencers.

And what's most important to people when they're buying stuff? Quality, of course! Price comes in second. When people think high quality, they think of Apple, and when they think good prices, they think of Amazon.

But there are other things that can make people stick with a brand, like if the company remembers their birthday or calls them by name. People also appreciate it when a company gives back to the community.

Just so you know, businesses that have sold to a customer before have a much better chance of selling to them again than they do of selling to a new customer. So it's pretty important for brands to make sure they're keeping their customers happy and loyal.


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