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The Growing Popularity of Solo Travel

"It's only when you are alone that you realize where you are," said the travel writer Paul Theroux.

It is a line that could be the motto for solo travelers everywhere — people who choose to travel by themselves.

And solo travel is becoming more and more popular, say industry experts.

According to a survey by travel company Skyscanner, 29% of people have thought about traveling alone in 2023.

For some, thinking about it is all they will do — the idea may be too scary. Is it safe? Who will help you decide what to do? What if something goes wrong?

But those who travel alone — and who love it — often find that actually they're not alone at all.

Author Kevin Rushby, who has done a lot of solo traveling, wrote in The Guardian that when you travel alone, "You are forced into contact with people."

He enjoys meeting people on his trips, but also takes pleasure in the freedom to make decisions and change plans without having to argue with anyone.

More than half of those who told Skyscanner they were thinking of traveling alone said they wanted to do it because their travel plans weren't the same as those of their friends or families.

But many people find friends as they travel — in hostels or restaurants, museums or train stations. Some even like to book themselves onto tours just so they can meet strangers.

But there are also those who like to stay solo — to observe, to think, to move, to enjoy their own peace, and to experience a place without looking for people to meet at all.


Have you ever considered traveling alone? If so, what sparked your interest in solo travel?

What are some concerns or fears you have about embarking on a solo journey?

Are there any particular destinations that you feel would be ideal for solo travel? Why?

Have you heard any inspiring stories from solo travelers that have motivated you to consider it yourself?

What aspects of solo travel appeal to you the most? Is it the freedom, the opportunity for self-discovery, or something else?

How do you envision your interactions with locals and fellow travelers while traveling alone?

Are there any specific activities or experiences you would like to have as a solo traveler that may differ from group travel


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