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The Quest for 'Good Enough' Jobs

Simone Stolzoff, the author of "The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work," challenges the notion of asking children about their future aspirations. He argues that framing the "dream job" as the ultimate life goal may not be the healthiest approach.

Stolzoff's own career journey took him through technology, advertising, and journalism before he stumbled upon a design job. Rather than seeing it as a choice between professions, he viewed it as a decision between different versions of himself.

According to Stolzoff, jobs don't inherently provide life's meaning, especially in the competitive culture of the US. He emphasizes that the constant pursuit of being the best, even in leisure activities, can be overwhelming.

In 2022, Stolzoff left his design job to focus on completing his book and discovering his identity beyond the confines of work. He advocates for finding a job that is "good enough" to support the lifestyle one desires, whether it's related to salary, industry, schedule, or title.

By adopting this perspective, Stolzoff believes individuals can free themselves from the perpetual search for something better and instead, find contentment in their chosen path.

Today, he identifies as an author and freelance journalist, but places a greater emphasis on work as a part, not the entirety, of his identity.

Stolzoff now prioritizes activities outside of work, such as spending quality time with family, friends, and community, highlighting the importance of a balanced life.


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