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The World's Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities

According to a survey, which cities in the world are the friendliest to bikers.

The Copenhagenize Index assesses 115 locations based on 14 main factors linked to bike riding. These include bicycle infrastructure, the percentage of bike travelers, and if the city's authorities are trying to increase cycling conditions.

The latest current index appeared in 2019. Each city was given a score between zero and four in each category, and then a total score out of 100 was assigned.

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, was at the very top of the list, as one might assume.

While Copenhagenize acknowledges that this is odd, the business claims that the outcome is simply based on the numbers: 62% of city journeys to school or work are made by bike, and Copenhageners pedal nearly 1.4 million kilometers every day!

Copenhagen isn't simply the finest city for cyclists: the Economist Intelligence Unit's Safe Cities Index named it the safest city in the world in 2021.

The Copenhagenize Index placed Amsterdam and Utrecht, both in the Netherlands, second and third. Antwerp, Belgium, came in fourth, with Strasbourg and Bordeaux, France, coming in fifth and sixth.

Tokyo, Asia's highest-ranked city, was placed 16th, barely ahead of Taipei, Taiwan.

The capital of Japan received a high rating not so much for its bicycle infrastructure as for the millions of people who ride modest cycles known as mamachari to shop, commute, and go to the train station every day.


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